Sigma Multi-DRM to go to the ‘Big sea’

Sigma Multi-DRM to go to the ‘Big sea’

(VEN) Via Thu Do Multimedia –The provider of OTT/IPTV solution and content copyright protection (DRM), officially announced that its Sigma Multi-DRM solution has completed the rigorous evaluation by Cartesian, a specialist in content security, to meet strict industry security standards. Thu Do Multimedia is the first DRM provider in Vietnam to achieve this mark.

With this audit, the Sigma Multi-DRM is a combination of 4 security solutions including Play Ready, Widevine, Fairplay, and Sigma DRM, which has met the securities standards of the largest content owners such as Hollywood studios, and English Premier League contents.

On October 23, Sigma DRM was one of the top 10 digital transformation solutions honored at Viet Solutions 2020

In December 2019, the digital content copyright protection solution, commercially known as Sigma DRM, from Thu Do Multimedia, was tested and audited by Cartesian to meet the requirements of the securities standard for the HD and 4K video contents.

On October 16, 2020, Thu Do Multimedia integrated these native-DRM from Microsoft, Google, Apple and Sigma DRM to become a Multi-DRM solution. With the completion of auditing for Sigma DRM and Sigma Multi-DRM solutions from Cartesian, Thu Do Multimedia continues to be the first company in Southeast Asia, as one of six Asian enterprises gaining this certification. So far, Catersian has certified DRM security solutions for 20 businesses globally.

On October 18, 2020, Sigma DRM’s digital content copyright protection solution was the unique DRM protection solution honored at the Vietnam Digital Awards (VDA).

Multi-DRM was born to meet more and more demanding users from the multi-screen: on the phone on the road, on TV at home and on a laptop while traveling.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han, CEO of Thu Do Multimedia, said, “Integrating Multi-DRM and passed Cartesian’s security auditing for the Sigma Multi-DRM solution helps 90 percent of word-wide devices (using Windows, Android, and iOS) passed to any requirement for in-chip decryption; or widely accepted by major content owners like Hollywood or exclusive film studios.”

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han, CEO of Thu Do Multimedia

Sigma Multi-DRM, a combination of content protection solutions, such as prohibited-recording to HDMI (HDCP), and detecting and prevented the re-streaming source (Finger Print Online), to be a total solution to both protect and prevent the distribution of infringing content. So far, Sigma Multi-DRM not only helps to prevent the ongoing trend of content piracy on the internet in Vietnam, but also creates opportunities to provide copyrights protection solutions for OTT/IPTV television operators, digital content providers in Vietnam and overseas market.

At present, Sigma Multi-DRM has been deployed on Internet TV (OTT TV), livestreaming operators from Vietnam and aboard. The VTVcab ON of Vietnam Cable Television Corporation, currently has over 6 million downloads, with more than 400,000 user per month now using Sigma Multi-DRM to protect for these channel packages from K+, Box, VTVcab and Hollywood movie.

Protecting digital content as a valuable asset is nothing new to the world, but it is an issue that is unnoticed in Vietnam. Sigma Multi-DRM, with this successfully audited, will help Vietnamese digital content operator shorten the time to deploy solutions with reasonable costs.