Best Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software in 2023

Best Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software in 2023

Digital rights management (DRM) software provides users with a variety of features intended to safeguard their content and ensure it is accessed within their designated parameters. Businesses are constantly sharing files internally and externally, and many others share branded assets or host media files regularly. 

DRM solutions protect the content shared or hosted by businesses and ensure it’s only used in the way originally intended. DRM software can provide features like watermarking and timed expiration for shared documents, and subscription and license management for media files. DRM solutions often leverage built-in encryption software to facilitate secure file transfers.

1. Sigma DRM 

With the work checked by Cartesian, SigmaDRM is confident to be a Vietnamese product compared with DRM solutions of different organizations around the world and is required to have copyright protection closer to content providers. both in terms of quality and cost.

Sigma DRM is currently being used to protect TV content belonging to the K+, Box, VTVcab channel groups as well as Hollywood movie content on the VTVcab ON TV application.

  • Benefit

– The system will issue licenses based on each content and each individual user. Multiple users viewing the same content will be assigned different licenses.

– The system is suitable for 2 current types of digital content, LIVE and VOD.

– The server system is deployed on the Cloud, the system’s availability is high.

– Support HDCP, Rotation Key.

– Supports most of these popular platforms: Android, iOS, Web, WebOS, Tizen.

– Simple integration with a pre-built Sdk system for platforms.

– Integrated support for today’s popular transcode systems: Wowza, ffmpeg…

– Security for each user.

– CMS system:

  • Simple system configuration.
  • Statistics are easy to use.

2. Digify

Digital rights management enables you to set and impose copyright protection for your intellectual property such as market research, eBooks, training materials, modules, reports, and other confidential documents. You will be able to protect your digital files from unauthorized redistribution and restrict ways your customers or recipients copy content.

  • Benefit

Control distribution of confidential documents: the ability to restrict downloads/printing and automatically watermark your documents

Restrict and revoke access to your files: Control which users can access your documents and revoke the permissions anytime, also restrict forwarding and set expiration dates for access

Track user activity with analytics: Know where and when each user accesses all of your documents with Digify’s user analytics and activity log

3. Vitrium

Vitrium has features like encryption, access control, and usage tracking that help businesses keep their digital content safe. The software lets content owners know how their content is used by giving them reports. Vitrium is simple to use and can be connected to other systems to make it easier to manage digital content.

image 134
  • Benefit

– Military-grade encryption for all major video, image, and document file formats

– Permitted access for users and user groups, integrating with Microsoft Active Directory or any third-party credentialing system

– Distribution controls such as browser limits, time-bound access, print/copy controls, watermarks, and login forms

– Secure content sharing via URL links, e-commerce, portals, internal networks, CRM, or third-party integrations 

4. Caplinked

CapLinked is a platform for sharing and collaborating on files safely. It helps businesses and other groups keep track of digital assets like contracts and private information. The venue is easy to use and has safety features like encryption and access controls. CapLinked can also work with other systems to make it easier to manage digital content.

image 145
  • Benefit

Complete Access Control: You decide who sees what documents and when, even those that need to be downloaded or printed

No Plugins. No Updates. Ever: require zero plugins to view PDFs and Microsoft Office files in-browser. No need to slow down your deals with frequent plugin updates or software installations. Zero plugins also means a more secure connection

Comprehensive Activity Tracking: records all activity that occurs within the browser. With real-time activity analytics, you will gain better insight into when prospects are interested and when they’re not. Follow-up with prospects and keep your deal moving forward. Optimize file activity insights to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency throughout the lifespan of your project

5. Widevine DRM

Widevine DRM is adaptable and scalable, allowing it to be used by enterprises of various sizes and industries. It works with multiple devices, like computers, smartphones, and smart TVs. Also, it connects to popular platforms for streaming video and audio.

The software also tracks and reports how the content is being used. So content owners can see how their content is being used and find any potential problems. This information can help them choose how to distribute and make money from their content.

image 136
  • Benefit

Free for use

Content Protection: Provides ubiquitous device coverage and extends synergy across multiple content protection systems

Video Playback: Fully featured HTML5 video player with adaptive streaming, QoS, and accessibility support across devices

Standardized Format: Encrypt once, play anywhere utilizing industry adopted media containers including ISO BMFF (i.e. MP4) and WebM

Legacy System: Support for concurrent access to all content protection systems. Providing migration tools and flexibility while adopting new technologies

Device Security: Robust device security is enabled by using factory provisioned keyboxes to establish a hardware root of trust, secure decryption and content rendering

6. MemberSpace

MemberSpace helps you keep track of your subscriptions and memberships. It lets you set up restricted access levels and benefits for your members and keep your members-only content safe by controlling who can see it. MemberSpace has tools for keeping track of customer information and how members use and interact with the site.

You can use popular platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier with the software. MemberSpace also provides reporting and analytics. It lets you see how your memberships are doing and make decisions based on that information.

image 148
  • Benefit

– Quickly lock access to any web page with MemberSpace, create memberships for member directories, video lessons, courses, and more, and control the web pages as you see fit

– Monetizing and protecting web content

7. Brandfolder

Brandfolder is a place where companies can store, organize, and share digital information. It makes it easy to find, share, and use digital assets by providing tools for collaboration, workflow management, and reporting. Brandfolder can help marketing and creative teams manage their digital assets more efficiently.

image 141
  • Benefit

– Quality at speed: Improve engagement across channels with higher quality creative and without sacrificing load times. Brandfolder’s patented Smart CDN infrastructure accelerates transfer speeds with fewer failures and extremely low latency worldwide.

– Develop with ease: design the creative and develop the code for campaigns in tandem. Agree on layout and create placeholders, copy and paste Smart CDN links directly into your code, CMS, E-comm or other systems which automatically update as creative is approved

8. Axinom

The offline playing of protected content is one of Axinom DRM’s main benefits when internet connectivity is limited or unavailable. Customers can track usage patterns, user activity, and content protection status with extensive reporting and analytics.

The Axinom DRM system uses industry-standard technologies, including AES, Widevine, and PlayReady. It works efficiently with smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile devices, and desktop browsers.

image 139
  • Benefit

– 360° Degree Content Security: Supports hardware-backed DRM video protection of premium content with multi-key encryption of different content qualities and key rotation for both linear content and live streaming in all devices

– Maximum availability: Guarantees a maximum availability with a 99.999% SLA by running on globally distributed servers to enable license generation with the lowest latency.

– Proven scalability: Axinom DRM auto-scales and has been performance tested to serve 100,000 DRM licenses per second to match peak demands while live streaming

– Configurable access control: Highly configurable to support device security level configurations, output protection, real-time expiration, device revocation, limiting concurrent streaming, and more

9. Seclore

Seclore provides data-centric security solutions. It contains Seclore FileSecure, a comprehensive solution for controlling sensitive data inside and outside a company. It protects data regardless of where it is kept or shared.

Seclore’s solutions are scalable and compatible with many security technologies and applications. The company provides installation, integration, and support services and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

image 144
  • Benefit

– Encryption with Granular Usage Policies: Easily classify and attach persistent multi-dimensional usage control policies to your files

– Flexible File Protection Methods: Protect files easily and seamlessly with automated and manual protection methods.

Track Seclore DRM-protected files: to see who has accessed it, what they’ve done, and when. Revoke access for any user at any time to ensure that sensitive content is no longer accessible