Think about how your behavior might appear to others so you don’t accidentally offend anyone. For example, it might look like you’re not paying attention if you’re taking notes during a Zoom meeting, so let people know what you’re doing. Sure, in 2021, it’s much easier to have your right-swiping do the talking when it comes to making a partnership. At Atlassian, some teams even have a virtual messy-desk faceoff in Slack every week. You can learn about someone by seeing what objects they have sitting in front of them all day.

Now, if you feel comfortable introducing yourself to, let’s say, one person a day, then set a stretch goal and introduce yourself to five. And do this for a week or three weeks and watch how quickly you grow. And if you’re like many people, work also leads to some of the most important personal relationships in your life.

How Do Adults Make Friends Outside of Work?

If someone isn’t interested in chatting about anything beyond the project at hand, give them space and introduce yourself to another colleague.

how to make friends when working from home

Small interactions can build up over time, and make it easier to reach out to the coworker you’ve discussed Succession with when you want to ask a question about their team’s work. There are probably plenty of other people in your area who work remotely and travel. Joining or creating a group for remote workers who like to travel can help you make new connections and connect with others in your situation and creates built-in networking opportunities. Join a Slack channel for remote workers in your cities or ask your companies if they have any remote-worker groups or events you can join. Similar to building friendships, it’s a lot easier to find romantic interests if you get out of the house. Find a local coworking space, coffee shop, or bar, and don’t be afraid to make small talk.

Play Dates with Mom Friends

What you can do is take this as an opportunity to interact socially with your virtual colleagues. You may create a socializing channel on slack or Microsoft teams and use this space to befriend your colleagues. You can start doing this practice of greeting virtually with your remote teammates and later ping other department workers to have better communication with them. You may plan to set up casual calls where you socially interact with other virtual workers and become friends. Those are three steps to help you get out there and start meeting more people. And I want you to notice something – none of what I shared addresses what you do, and that is on purpose.

how to make friends when working from home

It was awkward for about a minute, but a single hug later we were picking up in real life where we’d left off online. After endless chats, years of liking each other’s Facebook posts, and hours of commiserating over everything from micromanaging bosses to the single life, we weren’t just colleagues. In high school and college, making friends can seem more straightforward, as you see the same people regularly and have a lot of free time to hang out.