On September 26th, Thủ Đô Multimedia Company organized a seminar on “Solving the Copyright Protection Puzzle for the Music, Film, and Digital Television Industry,” with the participation of many journalists from major newsrooms, including VTC News. The VTC newspaper wrote:

“The current copyright protection solutions are not robust enough to safeguard assets on digital platforms and require a more multidimensional approach to address various risks.
Shortcomings of current digital copyright protection solutions.

In the context of the booming digital content distribution, the rapid development of Over-The-Top (OTT) television platforms, and online film distributors like Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar, have brought users into an entirely new era of entertainment content consumption. The convenience of accessing movies, TV programs, and live music events on various devices has transformed how audiences interact with content. However, this digital revolution has also introduced unprecedented challenges in terms of content security and copyright protection, necessitating the development of new solutions to shield content from a multitude of copyright infringement risks.

The seminar “Solving the Copyright Protection Puzzle for the Music, Film, and Digital Television Industry,” organized by the Digital Content Creativity Alliance (DCCA) in collaboration with Thủ Đô Multimedia, addressed these challenges.

OTT television service providers such as TV360, FPT Play, as well as online film distributors like Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar, have become significant players in the Internet entertainment ecosystem, catering to the demand for unlimited content. Therefore, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of released content has become a crucial issue and a puzzle that content owners and distributors increasingly prioritize.

Although domain blocking measures have started to be implemented in Vietnam, and digital rights management (DRM) solutions like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady have been deployed to prevent unauthorized access and distribution, current copyright protection solutions still fall short and require a more multidimensional approach to address existing risks. In particular, the issue that content providers face with DRM vulnerabilities is primarily the exploitation of packet forgery to deceive license servers and bypass content access authorization for untrusted accounts.

In addition to DRM vulnerabilities, OTT television providers and online distributors must deal with a range of other risks that demand comprehensive copyright protection solutions, such as the use of screen recording devices to replay content or exploiting Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to evade geographical restrictions, enabling access to content from one country to be illicitly distributed in another.

At the seminar “Solving the Copyright Protection Puzzle for the Music, Film, and Digital Television Industry,” jointly organized by the Digital Content Creativity Alliance (DCCA) and Thủ Đô Multimedia, participants shared information about the current copyright infringement situation regarding digital content in general and the music, film, and digital television industry in particular. They also discussed the challenges in applying preventive measures and combating copyright infringements. Thủ Đô Multimedia shared the Sigma Multi-DRM solution integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) in copyright protection, commercially known as Sigma Active Observer (SAO), which helps content owners and online content distribution platforms protect the copyright of their content on the Internet.

AI Application in Copyright Protection: A More Comprehensive Shield

Mr. Vũ Kiêm Văn, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association, participated in the seminar.

To counter these diverse threats, Sigma Multi-DRM introduces a breakthrough protection measure – Sigma Active Observer (SAO). This solution goes beyond the limitations of traditional DRM solutions, providing a flexible and proactive defense mechanism that actively detects and reports copyright infringement risks.

The heart of Sigma Multi-DRM is SAO, a powerful software toolkit that redefines content security. SAO is not merely a security layer of Sigma Multi-DRM; it also monitors all aspects of content distribution and streaming. Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, SAO goes further in detecting and scrutinizing data exchange activities during content distribution on the Internet, including:

Detecting multidimensional threats: SAO utilizes AI-driven algorithms to identify abnormal signs and potential threats at every stage, including detecting cross-border distribution violations and packet forgery.

Detecting and eliminating VPN usage: SAO has the unique ability to identify VPN usage and thwart attempts to access content from different regions. This proactive measure enhances geographical restrictions and reduces illicit cross-border content access.

Resisting packet forgery: SAO’s powerful AI algorithm recognizes signs of packet forgery and interference through hooking into services, thwarting efforts to deceive license servers.

Analyzing user behavior: SAO delves into user behavior patterns, promptly identifying suspicious activities and safeguarding against interference. For access requests with inconsistent information, such as access requests on a TV in Hanoi with user information from another province, SAO conducts scrutiny.

Real-time information: SAO’s AI-based nature ensures real-time information collection and response, allowing operators to quickly address threats.

For OTT television service providers and online film and music distributors, adopting Sigma Multi-DRM with integrated SAO creates a comprehensive protection strategy. By implementing this dynamic solution, content providers can address significant risks, including safeguarding against multidimensional threats, protecting exclusive content, enhancing brand credibility, optimizing revenue, and proactively ensuring security.

In an environment with an ever-expanding content distribution landscape and increasingly complex digital content copyright infringement issues, facing diverse digital threats is an issue that will persist in the digital environment. Sigma Multi-DRM with integrated SAO offers a dynamic and comprehensive solution, not only maintaining content security but also facilitating the sustainable development of the digital media industry. By choosing Sigma Multi-DRM with SAO, OTT television service providers and online film distributors demonstrate a long-term vision and commitment to content quality and security in the digital future.

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