There are several ways but unfortunately none of them a very easy one especially if you want to stream it. If you really have videos that has high business value, I recommend you to encrypt videos and then host it.

Videos needs to be protected in two parts :

  • Videos at rest – when they are stored on your ftp or web-server to prevent hacking those sites and downloading those videos.
  • Streaming – when they are streamed on your site and people can get access to those links and download them.
How to Protect Your Videos from Being Downloaded
How to Protect Your Videos from Being Downloaded?

To avoid it, there are few ways :

Simple way :

  1. Encrypt those videos using tools like AES Crypt – Advanced File Encryption
  2. People can download it but won’t be able to play it until unless you share the password/keys with them

Needs a developer to get this done :

  1. Alternatively, if you wish to stream it through website and to block video downloader plugins, one of the ways would be to convert your Mp4 videos into HLS video segments using AES-128 encryption
  2. But in above case, player that plays back the video needs to know get those pass keys via a secure mechanism.

Hope this gives you some insight.