Today, online video content is immensely popular, offering convenience and a wide range of options. However, not everyone is keen on paying for subscription services, leading many to turn to illegal methods to access premium content. This trend has turned the video entertainment industry into a lucrative playground for pirates.

Among the various methods used by pirates to steal content, key extraction poses a significant challenge for streaming service providers. Curious to learn how this tactic works and its detrimental effects on providers’ businesses? Dive into our article to uncover the details!

Process For Protecting A Premium Content

Premium content is safeguarded through Digital Rights Management (DRM), a technique widely adopted by streaming service providers. DRM solutions like Sigma Multi DRM ensure that paying subscribers have access only to the content they’ve subscribed to, within authorized regions, preventing unauthorized distribution.

In essence, DRM encrypts copyrighted content and protects encryption keys from exposure, even to users. When a user requests content, the client-side server sends metadata about the encryption scheme to the Content Decryption Module (CDM) on the user’s device. The CDM then retrieves keys from the license server to unlock the content for viewing.

DRM implementation varies, offering different levels of protection based on hardware or software security. Hardware-based DRM, involving a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), offers the highest level of security. In contrast, software-based DRM relies solely on the device’s operating system, making it more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Devices lacking hardware-based DRM are at greater risk of cyber threats, including content key extraction, emphasizing the importance of robust DRM solutions.

DRM Keys Are Being Stolen Easily

Premium content is now very easily stolen

Content key extraction refers to the process of illegally obtaining encryption keys used to protect premium content. In this process, pirates exploit vulnerabilities in devices to bypass Content Decryption Modules (CDMs) and extract the content keys using decryption tools found online. These keys are then shared on pirate sites, allowing unauthorized users to access premium video content without subscribing to the service provider. One of the most popular Decryption Key exploits today is taking advantage of Widevine’s security vulnerabilities on the Chrome browser environment and on the Android operating system. Recently, some accounts have shared ways to “Dump Widevine” through which hackers understand the structure of Widevine and find ways to bypass the License Server to get the decryption key.

There are also efforts by the MPA to require internet organizations such as Github to remove accounts that promote copyright infringement, and also the majority of copyright protection organizations, Sigma Multi-DRM and Thudo Multimedia also finds ways to prevent the exploitation of Widevine vulnerabilities by hackers. In Vietnam, thanks to the special design through the “Sigma Active Observer” – SAO protection layer, Sigma Multi-DRM not only provides a solution to protect content with key encryption, but SAO also helps observe all Abnormalities in the process of exchanging rights between License Server and Device. Success from observing to warn, as well as eliminating abnormalities has helped most big content providers such as TV360 (Viettel) or FPT Play (FPT) stand firmly the Widevineleak exploitation.”

Severe Damage To OTT Businesses

The consequences of pirates conducting key extraction can be severe for your business. With access to content encryption keys, pirates can freely distribute your premium content, resulting in significant revenue loss and increased CDN costs for your services.

However, addressing this issue poses a challenge and may cause more harm than good if not managed effectively. Implementing a blanket approach, such as revoking access for compromised devices, can negatively impact legitimate subscribers and tarnish your reputation as a service provider. This may lead to customer frustration, an influx of complaints, potential churn, and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Choosing A Comprehensive DRM Solution

To mitigate the challenges posed by piracy and avoid the negative impact of a blanket approach, service providers can turn to a protective solution like Thu Do Multimedia’s Sigma Multi DRM. This solution enables providers to combat piracy directly, bypassing the device’s OS software DRM and securing content on vulnerable devices more effectively.

With Sigma Multi DRM, content decryption occurs within the video application itself, enhancing security and minimizing vulnerabilities. Unlike proprietary DRM solutions, Sigma Multi DRM is compatible with various DRM server vendors, eliminating the need for costly custom integrations. Its adaptable security framework enables swift deployment and efficient response to piracy threats, safeguarding against reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized copying. Sigma Multi DRM ensures secure encryption and decryption of data and communications, providing comprehensive protection for premium content.

Why Choose Sigma Multi DRM from Thu Do Multimedia

Thu Do Multimedia’s Sigma Multi DRM stands out as a comprehensive and reliable solution to content security challenges. Backed by years of industry expertise and technological innovation, Sigma Multi DRM offers unparalleled protection for premium content, empowering OTT providers to stay one step ahead of emerging threats and deliver a secure and seamless viewing experience to their audiences.

Take Proactive Steps to Safeguard Your Content

In conclusion, the battle against piracy requires a proactive and holistic approach to content security. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Sigma Multi DRM from Thu Do Multimedia, OTT providers can fortify their defenses against piracy and uphold the integrity of their premium content.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – take proactive steps today to safeguard your content and ensure a brighter, more secure future for your business. Contact Thu Do Multimedia to learn more about Sigma Multi DRM and embark on your journey towards enhanced content security and protection.