Digital copyright infringement is increasingly common in many different forms, causing many serious consequences.

Faced with this difficult problem, on September 26, a workshop with the topic “Protecting intellectual property rights in the music, film and digital television industries” was organized by the Vietnam Digital Media Association (Vietnam Digital Media Association). VDCA) and Thu Do Multimedia to provide optimal technology solutions for the above problems. Participating in the seminar, newspaper also shared the same opinion:

Alongside its outstanding advantages, the digital revolution in the fields of film and television is presenting challenges in content copyright protection.

During the seminar titled ‘Solving the Copyright Protection Puzzle for the Digital Music, Film, and TV Industry,’ organized by the Digital Content Creative Alliance of Vietnam (DCCA) in collaboration with various entities on September 26th, delegates emphasized that well-known online film distributors have become crucial players in the internet entertainment ecosystem by catering to the demand for limitless content.

However, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of distributed content has become a significant concern and a puzzle that content owners and distributors must prioritize.

According to the delegates, in addition to its remarkable benefits, the digital transformation in music and television has introduced challenges in content security and copyright protection. Therefore, there is a need for solutions to safeguard content from copyright infringement risks.

Representatives of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) noted that, although domain blocking measures have been implemented in Vietnam, and digital rights management (DRM) solutions like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady have been deployed to prevent unauthorized access and distribution, the current copyright protection solutions are still insufficient and require multifaceted approaches to address existing risks. Specifically, content providers face challenges with DRM vulnerabilities, such as the exploitation of packet spoofing to deceive license servers and bypass authorization, allowing content to be accessed by untrusted accounts.

Furthermore, OTT television providers and online distributors are grappling with other risks, necessitating comprehensive copyright protection solutions, including issues related to screen recording devices, the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent geographical restrictions, and the unauthorized distribution of content from one country to another.

The seminar "Copyright protection for the music - film - digital television industry" was held on the morning of September 26.
The seminar “Copyright protection for the music – film – digital television industry” was held on the morning of September 26.

Mr. Vu Kiem Van, Secretary-General of VDCA, pointed out that content copyright protection, especially in the current era of digital transformation, poses numerous challenges. This is a matter of great concern for creative enterprises and digital content businesses.

To address these threats, the seminar delegates unanimously agreed that, alongside governance policies and management, technology plays a crucial role. One of the technology solutions that garnered interest at the seminar is the Sigma Active Observer (SAO) solution.

This solution not only offers the security layer of Sigma Multi-DRM but also observes and monitors every aspect of content distribution and online broadcasting activities. Notably, with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, this solution can identify abnormal behaviors and potential threats at every stage, including detecting cross-border distribution violations and packet spoofing. Additionally, it delves into user behavior patterns, promptly identifying suspicious activities and protecting against interference.