Online piracy has become a significant concern in the video entertainment industry, impacting everything from movies and TV shows to music and OTT (Over-the-top) platforms. Illegal streaming and downloading of copyrighted content are widespread, causing substantial financial losses for creators and Content Owner. This article explores the detrimental effects of piracy and how piracy detection can act as a key weapon in the fight to protect content and secure revenue.

Understanding Online Piracy

Online piracy refers to the unauthorized distribution or access to copyrighted material, like movies, TV shows, music, and content offered by OTT platforms. Common forms of piracy include illegal streaming websites, torrent downloads, and unauthorized file sharing. The reach of piracy is extensive, with studies revealing significant losses for Content Owners across all sectors.

Online piracy refers to the unauthorized distribution or access to copyrighted material

The Impact of Piracy on Content Creators and Content Owner

Widespread piracy has severe financial repercussions for creators, filmmakers, production studios, and other Content Owner. Lost revenue from illegal access directly impacts their ability to produce new content and maintain financial stability. Additionally, piracy discourages investment in new projects, hindering innovation and limiting the diversity of content available to audiences.

Benefits of Implementing Piracy Detection Measures

Piracy detection technologies play a crucial role in identifying and mitigating online copyright infringement. These solutions offer several key benefits:

  • 1. Revenue Protection: Timely detection enables rights holders to take legal action against pirates, safeguarding their financial interests. This is especially crucial for subscription-based and ad-supported models, where piracy directly impacts revenue streams.
  • 2. Maintaining Content Integrity and Exclusivity: Piracy detection helps uphold the quality and exclusivity of authorized distribution channels. Technologies like digital watermarks and fingerprinting further ensure content integrity by embedding traceable markers within the content itself.
  • 3. Audience Insights for Business Growth: Data obtained from piracy detection efforts can be valuable for informing marketing and licensing strategies. By understanding consumer demand in different regions, businesses can tailor their content offerings and distribution strategies for better reach and engagement.

Introducing Sigma Multi-DRM: Advanced Piracy Detection and Content Protection Solution

Thu Do Multimedia offers Sigma Multi-DRM, a leading solution in the fight against piracy. Sigma Multi-DRM stands out with its:

  • Sigma Active Observer-SAO: This is a special protection layer, invented by Thudo Multimedia itself in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect unusual behaviors such as: Relay message, editing PackageID, editing APK Signature,… to Acts of falsifying information to deceive License servers or exploiting cross-nation content using VPN (Anti-VPN) or Exploiting Google Widevine vulnerabilities (Anti_Winevine leaked). SAO like there are billions of AI security guards constantly monitoring the copyright exchange between License Server, Device and transmission environment – it has made it easy to detect and classify illegal acts. Taking advantage of technology to violate copyright SAO – the only third layer of protection in the world, Sigma Multi-DRM also proves to be flexible and different from other solutions in its flexibility to protect each content. For example, with devices that have been included and observed as suspicious devices, even devices that have been black-listed, there is still the opportunity to use free content, or copyrighted content but can only listen to audio,… (These rules are completely set flexibly by each OTT Operator), thereby helping copyright infringers not be banned from accessing the service and tend to support and comply with the content-rights regulations
  • Intelligent Content Fingerprinting: Sigma DRM utilizes sophisticated algorithms to identify and track pirated content across various platforms, ensuring comprehensive protection. With content being re-streamed on the internet, Sigma Multi-DRM also provides a flexible support called Sigma Online Fingerprint, thereby, when the Online Fingerprint feature is turned on, each user is separate will display a string of Fingerprint characters “dancing” randomly on the screen. By taking that string of characters from the environment being re-streamed, the OTT Operator will know exactly which account is violating, thereby making the decision to stop providing signals for that account. The entire process from detecting to eliminating violating accounts takes less than 1 minute, so this process is very effective in detecting re-streaming behaviors. The special thing about Sigma Online Finger Print is that it has a very special security algorithm that is enough to discourage violators from blocking the display of the Fingerprint string on the screen.

How Sigma Multi-DRM Works

Sigma Multi-DRM employs a multi-layered approach:

  • Content Monitoring: The system continuously scans the internet for unauthorized access and distribution of protected content.
  • Automated Takedown Process: Upon identifying piracy, Sigma Multi-DRM initiates automated takedown requests with relevant platforms, removing infringing content efficiently.
Understand how Sigma DRM detects copyright infringement

Prioritizing piracy detection is crucial for a comprehensive anti-piracy strategy in the video entertainment industry. Advanced solutions like Sigma Multi-DRM empower Content Owners to effectively safeguard their content, protect their revenue streams, and contribute to a more sustainable digital ecosystem. Contact Thu Do Multimedia today to learn more about how Sigma Multi-DRM can help you combat piracy and protect your valuable content.