Amidst the 23rd Vietnam Film Festival in Da Lat, Lam Dong province, the morning of November 22 witnessed over 100 delegates participating in the seminar “Protecting Copyright in the Development of the Film Industry.” Organized by the Copyright Office under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, this event unfolded within the framework of the 23rd Vietnam Film Festival.

View of the conference. (Photo: Anh Vu/Sports & Culture Newspaper)

The seminar boasted the attendance of more than 100 representatives, including managers, filmmakers, directors, and actors nationwide. It served as a crucial platform for regulatory bodies to continue listening to the aspirations of creative minds in the film industry.

Building upon this foundation, discussions revolved around researching and proposing mechanisms, supportive policies, and refining legal frameworks. The aim was to create favorable conditions that act as incentives for the development of copyright protection, innovation, and creativity in the film industry, specifically, and copyright-dependent industries, in general.

Pham Thi Kim Oanh, Deputy Director of the Copyright Office, highlighted the ongoing copyright infringement challenges, especially in the realm of the internet, causing significant losses to film producers. To overcome this, Oanh emphasized the need for synchronized solutions such as refining legal documents concerning copyright protection, bolstering communication to enhance awareness, and leveraging information technology for effective copyright management and enforcement.

Director and film producer Luong Dinh Dung raised concerns about copyright infringement issues, particularly on online platforms, stressing the absence of stringent penalties for individuals and websites involved in such activities. Dung emphasized the importance of addressing this issue to nurture a robust domestic film environment.

Copyright protection in film industry development

Speaking at the seminar, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Doan Van Viet acknowledged the challenges posed by the digital environment in protecting copyrights. This seminar aimed to identify obstacles, propose solutions, and gradually improve the legal framework for copyright and related rights.

Statistics from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism revealed substantial growth in Vietnam’s film industry from 2018 to 2022. Despite challenges, the industry demonstrated strong annual increases in production value, labor resources, and the number of active film-related businesses.

Box Office revenues for cinema releases in 2018 reached around 3,400 billion VND and surpassed 4,100 billion VND in 2019. The impact of COVID-19 led to a significant downturn in 2020, with total industry revenue reaching 750 billion VND. However, by 2022, the industry had successfully recovered, achieving approximately 70% of the 2019 figures.

Innovative Solutions Unveiled: Sigma Multi-DRM

During the symposium, representatives from Thudo Multimedia, notably Nguyen Ngoc Han, introduced a groundbreaking solution in the form of Sigma Multi-DRM, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for copyright protection (commercially named Sigma Active Observer – SAO). This innovation empowers content owners and online content distribution platforms to safeguard copyright for their digital content.

Mr. Han Nguyen – CEO of Thudo Multimedia

According to Nguyen Ngoc Han, Sigma Multi-DRM comprises three layers of protection, certified by Catersian, a global organization specializing in the certification of security products. Thudo Multimedia is currently the only technology enterprise in Southeast Asia to receive this prestigious certification.

“With the Sigma Multi-DRM solution, Thudo Multimedia is ready to collaborate and support state management agencies and copyright owners. We aim to create a secure digital content environment, reducing the deployment time and financial costs compared to purchasing foreign technology,” affirmed Han.