When choosing a digital rights management vendors, another important deciding factor is what the major film industry players think. The big Hollywood studios demand enhanced security to guarantee the protection of premium UHD/4K content. The compliance with these specifications, advanced copy protection and ability to encrypt content along with our forensic video watermarking are among the reasons why all major Hollywood studios have accepted our DRM system for their digital content. Moreover, operators using our DRM are in a favorable position to negotiate content licensing agreements with these studios, since all content rights will be preserved and protected.

Selecting the Ideal Digital Rights Management Vendor

Selecting the Ideal Digital Rights Management Vendor
Selecting the Ideal Digital Rights Management Vendor

To meet the substantial requirements of copyright holders and to uphold content licensing agreements, numerous DRM vendors have emerged. Just like any crucial partnership decision, content providers and OTT streaming operators face the significant task of determining which digital rights management vendor can offer the most suitable DRM solution for their specific needs.

If you’re wondering about the factors to consider during this decision-making process, here are some guidelines for evaluating DRM vendors.

Vendor Experience and Stability

While innovative tech startups have made waves in recent years, when it comes to safeguarding your business’s vital assets, there’s a certain comfort in the stability of a DRM vendor that has been in the industry since its inception. Intertrust, for instance, pioneered copy protection and digital rights management products in the 1990s and played a pivotal role in establishing the open-standard Marlin DRM in 2005. This track record ensures that Intertrust is a dependable, long-term partner rather than a short-lived company, instilling confidence in our DRM system as a foundation for building a protected business model.

Compatibility with All Content Formats

The complexities of dealing with various content formats and codecs can be a nightmare for digital content providers. An effective DRM system must offer seamless interoperability and functionality across iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Windows, allowing for effortless dynamic content conversion. If a DRM vendor cannot provide this level of accessibility to different content types, it risks alienating consumers and poses a significant business hazard for pay-TV operators. Prospective DRM vendors should guarantee access and interoperability across all platforms and OTT devices.

Proven Track Record of Large Deployments

When assessing DRM vendors, one of the first aspects to investigate is how they have handled similar clients. This not only provides insight into their business practices but also demonstrates their ability to adapt to various enterprise sizes. Scalability, often discussed but challenging to execute, is vital. A DRM vendor with a proven track record of rapidly scaling up to accommodate large user bases during live events is crucial. Thudo Multimedia‘s experience with major clients like FPT, Viettel,.. demonstrates our DRM platform’s capability to manage subscriber bases in the millions and beyond.

Full Multi-DRM Support

In addition to the Sigma DRM system, there are three other prominent DRMs developed by tech giants: Google’s Widevine, Microsoft’s PlayReady, Apple’s FairPlay Streaming,… To offer a comprehensive DRM solution, vendors must support all major systems; otherwise, clients will encounter compatibility and operational challenges in the future. Sigma DRM platform has thrived due to its open-standards, non-proprietary nature, making it a “neutral” DRM system favored by major device and content producers.

Application Flexibility

The advantages of a cloud-based DRM solution over on-premises systems are evident for most organizations. Eliminating the capital and operational expenses associated with hardware maintenance is a significant benefit. Having to rush support engineers to fix hardware issues is an inefficient use of resources. Therefore, it’s essential that the DRM vendor you choose offers a flexible, cost-effective service that seamlessly integrates between your storefront and your content. Thudo Multimedia has taken steps to provide exactly what our clients need by becoming the first cloud-based multi-DRM platform supporting all major DRMs.

Compliance with MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection Specification

When selecting a DRM vendor, consider what the major players in the film industry require. Hollywood studios demand heightened security to protect premium UHD/4K content. Compliance with these specifications, advanced copy protection, and content encryption capabilities, along with forensic video watermarking, are why major Hollywood studios have embraced our DRM system for their digital content. Operators using our DRM are in a favorable position to negotiate content licensing agreements with these studios, as all content rights remain preserved and protected.

Streamlining Processes

Digital content providers vary in size, but one factor that significantly impacts their bottom line, regardless of size, is developer hours. SigmaDRM simplifies matters by providing the necessary licenses for all devices, eliminating the need for developers to create custom logic for different devices and operating systems, including their various versions.

Finding the right DRM vendor is pivotal, regardless of your platform’s size or aspirations. Intertrust’s suite of DRM solutions fulfills all the criteria for an ideal DRM system, which is why we have been at the forefront of global digital rights management product development for so long. Visit our website to learn more about how our DRM platform can assist you in safeguarding and monetizing your content.