Digital copyright infringement is increasingly common in many different forms, causing many serious consequences.

Faced with this difficult problem, on September 26, a workshop with the topic “Protecting intellectual property rights in the music, film and digital television industries” was organized by the Vietnam Digital Media Association (Vietnam Digital Media Association). VDCA) and Thu Do Multimedia to provide optimal technology solutions for the above problems. Participating in the seminar, newspaper also shared the same opinion:

The digital revolution brings convenience to users, but also creates challenges in security and copyright protection.

Đột phá mới trong bảo vệ bản quyền ngành âm nhạc, điện ảnh  truyền hình số
Wolfoo Wolf – a cartoon character that is being copyrighted. 

Vulnerabilities of digital copyright protection solutions

According to the Vietnam Digital Content Creation Alliance (DCCA), in the context of digital content distribution, the rapid development of OTT (Over-The-Top) and Online movie publishers have brought users to a completely new era of entertainment content consumption.

However, the digital revolution also brings unprecedented challenges in content security and copyright protection, requiring the creation of new solutions to protect content from a variety of abuse risks license.

Sự bùng nổ của các trang web vi phạm bản quyền.
The explosion of pirated websites. Source: Ministry of Information and Communications

OTT television service providers such as TV360, FPT Play, and online movie publishers such as Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar have become essential components of the internet entertainment ecosystem, catering to unlimited content needs. Therefore, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of released content has become an important issue and a concern that content owners and publishers increasingly prioritize.

According to Ms. Quyen Pham – Vice President – General Secretary of the Vietnam Digital Content Creation Alliance, although measures to block domain names have also begun to be implemented in Vietnam; Digital rights management (DRM) solutions such as Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady have been deployed to prevent unauthorized access and distribution, but current copyright protection solutions are still insufficient to protect and needs a multi-dimensional approach to address existing risks.

Besides DRM vulnerabilities, OTT television providers and online publishers face a series of other risks that require comprehensive copyright protection solutions such as: Device usage issues screen recording for playback or the problem of exploiting virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent geographical restrictions, allowing access to content from one country and distributing illegal content in another country…

Copyright protection AI application: The new shield is more comprehensive

On September 26, speaking at the seminar “Solving the problem of copyright protection for the music – cinema – digital television industry”, Mr. Pham Hoang Hai – Director of the Digital Content Copyright Center – Department of Radio and Television Video and Electronic Information (Ministry of Information and Communications) emphasized: The explosion of pirated websites in the form of cutting and posting content; livestreams on social networks are a reality of copyright infringement of digital content in general, as well as the music, film and digital television industries in particular.

Ms. Quyen Pham said: To deal with these diverse threats, Sigma Multi-DRM introduces a breakthrough protection measure – Sigma Active Observer (SAO). This is an innovative solution that goes beyond the limitations of traditional DRM solutions, providing a flexible and active defense mechanism that proactively detects and reports copyright infringement risks.

Also according to Ms. Quyen Pham, SAO also has the ability to detect and remove VPN; Resists packet tampering, defeating attempts to exploit content access across different regions. This proactive measure strengthens geo-restrictions and cuts cross-border access to unauthorized content…

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