After the seminar on the morning of September 26, with the topic “Solving the problem of copyright protection for the music – cinema – digital television industry”, organized by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) in collaboration with the Prime Minister Co-organized by Do Multimedia, the government electronic newspaper also had an article agreeing with the view: Besides outstanding advantages, the digital revolution in the field of cinema and television has been bringing Challenges in protecting content copyright.

At the seminar “Solving the problem of copyright protection for the music-cinema-digital television industry”, organized by the Vietnam Digital Content Creation Alliance (DCCA) in collaboration with a number of organizations today, on September 26, delegates emphasized that famous online movie distribution companies have now become important factors in the internet entertainment ecosystem when meeting the demand for unlimited content.

However, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of released content has become an important issue and a problem that content owners and publishers must take seriously.

According to delegates, in addition to outstanding advantages, the digital revolution in the fields of music and television has brought challenges in security and copyright protection of content, thereby requiring There must be solutions to protect content from risks of copyright infringement.

A representative of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) said that although measures to block domain names have also begun to be implemented in Vietnam; Digital rights management (DRM) solutions such as Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady have also been deployed to prevent unauthorized access and distribution… but current copyright protection solutions are still insufficient protection and need a multi-dimensional approach to address existing risks.

The technological shield of the digital film and television industry
The technological shield of the digital film and television industry

In particular, the primary challenge content providers face with DRM vulnerabilities involves exploiting packet spoofing to deceive the license server and bypass authorization authentication, granting access to content for accounts that may not be trustworthy enough.

In addition, OTT television providers and online publishers are also facing other risks, requiring comprehensive copyright protection solutions, such as: The issue of using screen recording devices video for playback, the issue of exploiting virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent geo-restrictions, allowing access to content from one country to distribute illegal content in another…

Mr. Vu Kiem Van, General Secretary of VDCA, said that the issue of content copyright protection, especially in the current context of digital transformation, is facing many challenges. This is an issue of great concern to creative businesses and digital content businesses.

To deal with these threats, delegates at the discussion agreed that in addition to operating and management policies, technological factors also play a very important role. 

One of the technology solutions that delegates were interested in at the seminar was the Sigma Active Observer (SAO) solution.

This solution not only has a security layer of Sigma Multi-DRM, but also provides operational monitoring of every aspect of content delivery and streaming.

In particular, with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, this solution can identify abnormalities and potential threats at every step, including detecting cross-border distribution violations and packet spoofing. Simultaneously, it can delve into user behavior patterns, instantly identifying suspicious activities and providing protection against interference.

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