The seminar on “Solving the Copyright Protection Challenge for the Digital Music, Film, and Television Industry” held on September 26th, organized by Thủ Đô Multimedia, drew significant attention from various newspapers, including the renowned Văn Hóa Newspaper.

The seminar shared information about the current state of copyright infringement in digital content in general and specifically within the music, film, and digital television industries. It also discussed the challenges in implementing preventive measures and addressing copyright infringement.

This information startled content creators in general, particularly those in the music, film, and digital television industries. Vietnam experiences up to 80% of copyright infringements on digital platforms, resulting in a loss of $348 million in 2022 (equivalent to 7,000 billion Vietnamese đồng).

Vũ Kiêm Văn, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Vietnam Digital Communication Association (VDCA), emphasized the importance of protecting content copyrights, especially in the current digital transformation era, which presents numerous challenges. Many conferences and seminars have focused on this issue, indicating the significant concern among content creators and digital content businesses.

Recognizing this trend, the VDCA has established the Digital Copyright Center to play a crucial role in addressing this pressing issue. Many social organizations, professions, and businesses related to content creation and protection have also emerged to collaborate in safeguarding digital copyrights.

According to Vũ Kiêm Văn, this seminar provided a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge regarding this timely issue. The discussion primarily concentrated on the music, film, and digital television sectors, which have witnessed the most copyright infringements and also pose the greatest challenges for resolution.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital content distribution, the rapid growth of Over-The-Top (OTT) television platforms and online film distributors like Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar has introduced a new era of content consumption. The ease of accessing movies, TV shows, and live music events on various devices has revolutionized how audiences interact with content.

However, this digital revolution has also brought unprecedented challenges in terms of content security and copyright protection, necessitating innovative solutions to protect content from a range of copyright infringements.

OTT television service providers such as TV360 and FPT Play, along with online film distributors like Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar, have become key players in the digital entertainment ecosystem by meeting the demand for unlimited content. Therefore, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of released content has become a critical issue, one that content owners and distributors increasingly prioritize.

In this context, content distribution and copyright protection are facing various threats. Clandestine screen recording and the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to evade geographical restrictions, allowing access to content from one country to be illicitly distributed in another, are among the challenges that demand comprehensive copyright protection solutions.

To cope with these diverse threats and establish effective policies and management practices, technology plays a crucial role. In response to this reality, Sigma Multi-DRM introduced a groundbreaking solution, Sigma Active Observer (SAO). This solution goes beyond the limitations of traditional DRM solutions, providing a flexible and proactive defense mechanism that detects and alerts against copyright infringement risks.

With the rapidly expanding content distribution landscape and the increasing complexity of digital content copyright infringements, facing various digital threats is an issue that will persist in the digital environment. Sigma Multi-DRM’s integration of SAO offers a dynamic and comprehensive solution, not only maintaining content security but also creating favorable conditions for the sustainable development of the digital media industry. By choosing Sigma Multi-DRM with SAO, OTT television service providers and online film distributors demonstrate a long-term vision and commitment to content quality and security in the digital future.