After the seminar on the morning of September 26, which focused on the topic ‘Solving the problem of copyright protection for the music, cinema, and digital television industry,’ organized by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) in collaboration with Thu Do Multimedia, the website emphasized that: In addition to its advantages, the digital revolution in the television sector has brought unprecedented challenges in terms of security and content copyright protection. These challenges necessitate the creation of new solutions to safeguard content against a range of copyright infringement risks.

Speaking at the seminar “Solving the problem of copyright protection for the music – cinema – digital television industry” taking place on September 26, Mr. Vu Kiem Van, Vice President – General Secretary of the Digital Media Association Vietnam (VDCA) said that the issue of content copyright protection, especially in the current context of digital transformation, is facing many challenges. There have been many conferences and seminars discussing this issue, thereby showing that this is an issue of great concern to creative businesses and digital content businesses.

Recognizing that trend, more than 3 years ago, VDCA established and launched the Digital Copyright Center. The Center has an important mission to contribute to solving this painful problem. Many social-professional organizations and businesses specializing in copyright exploitation and protection have also been born, focusing on movies, music, games… Forming an increasingly large force joining hands to contribute to the cause. digital copyright protection.

With the Vietnam Digital Content Creation Alliance (DCCA) in collaboration with Thu Do Multimedia to organize the seminar “Solving the problem of copyright protection for the music – cinema – digital television industry”, information about the current situation of copyright infringement of digital content in general, as well as the music, cinema and digital television industry in particular, and discuss the difficulties in applying solutions to prevent and stop acts of infringement. copyright infringement has been shared.

According to Mr. Vu Kiem Van, the discussion was held once again to contribute voice and experience to the community on this very topical issue. Today’s discussion focuses on quite specific fields: music, cinema and digital television – the fields with the most copyright infringement cases in recent times and also the most difficult to handle.

Vulnerabilities of digital copyright protection solutions

In the context of extremely vibrant digital content distribution, the rapid development of OTT (Over-The-Top) television platforms and online movie publishers has brought users to a completely new era of entertainment content consumption. The convenience of accessing movies, TV shows and music events directly on devices has transformed the way audiences interact with content.

However, this digital revolution also brings unprecedented challenges in content security and copyright protection, necessitating the development of new solutions to safeguard content from various copyright infringement risks.

Nhiều thông tin về thực trạng vi phạm bản quyền nội dung số và khó khăn trong việc ngăn chặn vi phạm bản quyền đã được ông Phạm Hoàng Hải - Giám đốc Trung tâm bản quyền Nội dung số, Cục PTTH&TTĐT, Bộ Thông tin và Truyền thông chia sẻ tại tọa đàm.
A lot of information about the current situation of digital content copyright infringement and difficulties in preventing copyright infringement was provided by Mr. Pham Hoang Hai – Director of the Digital Content Copyright Center, Department of Promotion and Electronic Information, Ministry of Information and Communications. shared at the discussion.

OTT television service providers in Vietnam and online movie publishers like Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar have become pivotal players in the Internet entertainment ecosystem, catering to the insatiable demand for boundless content. Consequently, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of released content has emerged as a significant issue, one that content owners and publishers are increasingly prioritizing.

Although domain name blocking measures have also begun to be implemented in Vietnam; Digital rights management (DRM) solutions such as Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady have been deployed to prevent unauthorized access and distribution, but current copyright protection solutions are still insufficient to protect and needs a multi-dimensional approach to address existing risks. In particular, the problem that content providers face in DRM vulnerabilities is first of all taking advantage of packet spoofing to deceive the authorization server (License Server) and bypass authentication to grant permission to retrieve content. for accounts that are not trustworthy enough.

Besides DRM vulnerabilities, OTT television providers and online publishers face a series of other risks that require comprehensive copyright protection solutions such as: Device usage issues screen recording for playback or the problem of exploiting Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to circumvent geo-restrictions, allowing access to content from one country to distribute illegal content in another…

AI application in copyright protection: The new shield is more comprehensive

To deal with these diverse threats, in addition to operating and management policies, technological factors will also play a very important role. Faced with this reality, Sigma Multi-DRM introduces a groundbreaking protection measure – Sigma Active Observer (SAO). This is an innovative solution that goes beyond the limitations of traditional DRM solutions, providing a flexible and aggressive defense mechanism that proactively detects and reports copyright infringement risks.

Bảo vệ bản quyền truyền hình OTT
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han, General Director of Thu Do Multimedia presented at the seminar

The “heart” of Sigma Multi-DRM is SAO, a powerful software toolset that redefines content security. SAO is not simply a security layer of Sigma Multi-DRM but also oversees the monitoring of every aspect of content delivery and streaming. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, SAO goes further in detecting and reviewing all data exchange activities during content distribution on the Internet.

For OTT television service providers and online music and movie publishers, embracing Sigma Multi-DRM with SAO integration constitutes a comprehensive protection strategy. By adopting this dynamic solution, content providers can address important risks such as:

1. Multidimensional Threat Protection:

SAO’s AI-powered vigilance destroys threats beyond DRM vulnerabilities, ensuring content is protected from border breaches, VPN exploits, and packet tampering believe.

2. Protect exclusive content:

Subscribers can confidently enjoy premium content, secure in exclusive access and compliant with geo-restrictions.

3. Enhance Brand Reputation:

By proactively preventing diverse threats, TV service providers and content publishers will strengthen brand reputation and build audience trust.

4. Optimize revenue:

Defense mechanism through SAO helps prevent unauthorized access, and minimizes loss of revenue when content is compromised and distributed for free on the internet.

5. Proactivity in Security:

SAO not only protects but also monitors and provides warnings against threats, bringing proactivity to content providers.

With the content distribution environment increasingly vast and the issue of digital content piracy increasingly complex, facing diverse digital threats is a problem that will persist in the digital environment.

Sigma Multi-DRM with SAO integration offers a dynamic and comprehensive solution that not only upholds content security but also fosters the sustainable growth of the digital media industry. By opting for Sigma Multi-DRM with SAO, OTT TV service providers and online movie publishers demonstrate a forward-looking vision and a commitment to maintaining quality and content security in the ever-evolving technical landscape.

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