Understanding when and how to effectively employ copyrighted assets, such as stock photos, logos, films, and more, can be a demanding task in itself. Inadequate use of copyrighted content can potentially lead to financial penalties or even legal consequences. Conversely, unauthorized usage of your own assets can also be problematic. Both scenarios are undesirable, and without consistent copyright management, you may remain unaware of such occurrences.

To address this challenge, you require a mechanism to promptly monitor the utilization of your content, as it is virtually impossible for a single individual to track all newly created content. Many businesses are now turning to digital rights management solutions to oversee their digital assets effectively.

In this article, we will delve into the top Digital Rights Management Tools. We will explore their key features and assess their effectiveness in providing high-quality solutions.

1. Digital Rights Management Tools Brandfolder

Top 15 Digital Rights Management Tools

Brandfolder is a cloud-based SaaS that offers digital asset and identity management (DAM) for brand-conscious organizations up to Enterprise-level. The platform, which was created with the intention of enabling businesses to enhance the organization, consistency, and efficiency over digital assets, is significant in that it enables the storage and manipulation of promotional materials inside a single cohesive environment.

Various marketing materials, including logos, pictures, typefaces, flyers, business cards, jingles, films, and even corporate color swatches, are kept side by side in layers that are simple to explore and automatically labeled for quick, intelligent searches.

Key Features:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • ROI Tracking
  • Fulfillment Distribution
  • Metadata Management
  • Content Publishing Options


No price info

2. Digital Rights Management Tools Sigma DRM/Multi-DRM

Securely share video content with DRM

Sigma DRM is a solution developed by Thudo Multimedia. It aims to protect digital content during transmission on the internet and focuses on securing media content, providing a system with high availability and large load capacity.

Sigma DRM protects digital content during transmission on the internet and focuses on securing media content, providing a system with high availability and large load capacity. Sigma DRM also has received the Farncombe Security Audit® mark from Cartesian’sextensive review of our service.

Key Features:

  • Reporting & Statistics
  • API
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Templates
  • Content Management


No price info

3. Filecamp

Filecamp is a digital asset management tool for marketers that is hosted in the cloud. It is made to maximize how photographs, movies, and documents are categorized, shared, and distributed. Users may organize and exchange digital assets into a searchable library with partners or other stakeholders, either internally or outside.

Unlimited users and sophisticated, flexible sharing permissions are included with Filecamp. Secure file sharing, an integrated media library, and online proofing allow businesses and clients to collaborate on creative projects.

Key Features:

  • Approval Process Control
  • Asset Categorization
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Client Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Social Sharing


$29 per month

4. Tizra

Tizra is one of the top digital rights management tools that aid in the planning, developing, and implementing digital resource hubs and content stores for organizations. Administrators may use the platform to arrange various materials, such as movies and documents, in a single repository.

Website navigation may be personalized by managers by adding unique logos and welcome messages. Tizra provides faceted search capabilities that enable users to filter and sort material to see results that are specific to them. To secure digital assets, operators can create session restrictions and add custom watermarks.

Key Features:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Cataloging/Categorization
  • License Management
  • Indexing
  • PDF Protection
  • SEO Management


$499 per month

5. Digify

Digify offers secure virtualized data spaces that are quick and simple to set up. When distributing and tracking important business papers to partners, clients, and investors, thousands of businesses use Digify to save time.

This system combines automatic watermarking, document security, and file tracking features for a set low cost. Digify has been highlighted in more than 60 international news media and is the recipient of several international prizes, including the top security competition RSA Innovation Sandbox.

Additionally, Digify has built-in file tracking and analytics that let users read an overview of file or document activity.

Key Features:

  • Approval Process Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Digital Watermarking
  • SSL Security
  • Secure File Viewer
  • Licence Management


$165 per month

6. Red Points

Red Points is a brand intelligence platform that helps companies remove counterfeit goods, stop online piracy, claim and monetize content rights, and automatically monitor merchants to protect the future of any brand.

Red Points provides you with complete insight into a company’s online existence by integrating features for copyright enforcement, online brand protection, and distributor monitoring. Users may track and delete pirated content from any source using Red Point’s controlled source identification, automatic removal and deindex requests, and violation follow-ups with the help of anti-piracy professionals.

Red Points helps over 900 businesses battle counterfeiting, online piracy, and distribution abuse to keep control, boost their brand’s value, and boost sales.

Key Features:

  • Video Management
  • Trademark Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Image Protection
  • Content Management


No price info

7. Cortex

Cortex gives administrators the ability to create role-based restrictions for users and disable access when an LDAP account is disabled.

Due to Orange Logic’s commitment to flexibility and usability, a highly intuitive experience that meets and exceeds every departmental need has been developed. This has increased user adoption across the entire organisation and unlocked document management improved efficiency at scale.

Users of the platform can ingest, embed, extract, and display technical details, such as bitrate, colour space, and encoding types. Managers have the ability to set up numerous ingest procedures, batch ingest metadata from outside sources, monitor their status, and email updates on their progress.

Key Features:

  • Archiving & Retention
  • Asset Library
  • Automatic Backup
  • Catalog Creation
  • Content Publishing Options
  • Fulfillment Distribution


$5000 per month

8. Imatag

Imatag is a platform for digital rights management (DRM) and data leak protection (DLP) for companies, media outlets, brands, and other organizations that use visual material. It provides solutions to track trademark leaks and copyright violations, and protect and monitor NDAs and secret data.

The digital watermark from Imatag Leaks tucks identifiers into an image’s pixels at random intervals. This enables precise identification and visual ownership recognition of digital assets.

Key Features:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Monitoring
  • PDF Protection
  • Product Search
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Usage Tracking/Analytics
  • Watermarking


$250 per month

9. DRMtoday

DRMtoday is a cloud-based digital rights management and system for access control created to make it easier to distribute secured premium content across various platforms and devices. Users may restrict stream behavior, safeguard live and recorded content, and monitor licensing activities.

Users may manage and keep track of all licensing activities and customize distribution and authentication behavior with the help of DRMtoday’s web dashboard. According on the security levels of playback devices, stream behavior may be selectively enforced. Content can be made available through live playback, on-demand, offline, continuous sessions, and purchase, renting, or subscription.

Key Features:

  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Access Revocation
  • Audio/Video Protection
  • Authentication
  • Digital Distribution Management
  • License Management
  • Monitoring


No price info

10. MagicBox

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MagicBox is a content creation and learning management system (LMS) that enables K–12 and higher education institutions to use the built–in themes, interactions, and templates to build and administer online courses.

By controlling digital rights and establishing role-based permissions, the digital content publication module enables staff members to guarantee the security of their work. It is intended for publishing services in higher education, scientific research, and CTE. A custom-branded eCommerce shop is also available to enhance content monetization.

Key Features:

  • Blended Learning
  • Course Management
  • Storyboarding
  • Student Information/Records
  • Student Portal
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Tests/Assessments
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Training Companies
  • Video Conferencing
  • Virtual Classroom
  • eCommerce Management


5000$ per month

11. Smart Protection

Smart Protection is a multinational brand, product, and content protection firm with a strong global presence. With the aid of its automated SaaS security platform, companies of all sizes may reduce the risks related to the online appropriation and exploitation of their trademarks, goods, and material.

The goal of Smart Protection is to educate people about the threats that are present and developing across digital platforms.

With the help of Smart Protection, brand owners, distributors, and content providers can see the whole digital ecosystem while also receiving insightful data that enables them to make more informed business choices.

Key Features:

  • Application Control
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • HTTP Inspection
  • Traffic Monitoring


No price info

12. Terentia

Terentia equips organizations working in the field of cultural heritage with the tools they need to manage data, generate insights, and create engaging digital narratives.

In order to create cutting-edge, user-friendly, enterprise-level digital solutions and services, Terentia works continually with cultural organizations to rethink, construct, integrate, and host them.

Terentia’s fully integrated, scalable, best-in-class technologies and services enable flexible workflows, dynamic operations, and more effective work from organizations.

Key Features:

  • License Management
  • Software Application Protection
  • Video Streaming
  • watermarking


No price info

13. Caplinked

CapLinked is a web-based integrated file-sharing and document management system that enables companies to work with their partners and exchange crucial corporate data. Workspace Manager, Deal Tracker, Document Manager, File Protection Manager, and Integration Manager are the five integrated applications that make up the system. The primary target market for the solution is midrange and large businesses in various industries, including, among others, the legal, finance, energy, aerospace, and real estate sectors.

A customizable platform is offered by CapLinked Workspace Manager to handle company papers and keep them in one place. By assigning several document access modes to various user sets, businesses may customize their document security. Users may set up rules to access, edit, download, and upload documents as well as build custom groups and subgroups. Direct contact import from a SalesForce account into CapLinked is an option for businesses.

Key Features:

  • Audit Management
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Automatic Backup
  • Data Security
  • Indexing
  • Mobile Acess
  • Offline DRM


$299 per month

14. PallyCon

PallyCon is a top-tier content protection service offered by INKA ENTWORKS that is relied upon by more than 200 customers worldwide. It offers OTT platforms 360-degree, cloud-based end-to-end content security, including features like Multi DRM, Forensic Watermarking, Visible Watermarking, Distributor Watermarking, Anti-Piracy services, and App Security with Quick and Simple integration. For OTT owners, it offers an all-inclusive solution.

All workers at INKA Entworks are encouraged to focus on their growth as well as research and development in order to create a stronger business and workforce.

Key Features:

  • Analyze and follow up on content use
  • Watermark shared documents and provide


No price info

15. Primetime DRM

Primetime DRM may secure content and offer various business models such as anonymous, subscription, renting, and download-to-own content for desktop, iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox, and embedded device devices. Tailored experiences for each and every consumer.

Using data insights to get to know each person in-depth. To content development created specifically for them. Delivering such experiences on any platform, and eventually.

Key Features:

  • HLS Streaming Support
  • Persistent content protection
  • Remote iOS key delivery
  • Output protection


No price info

Things to consider

Think about sophisticated DRM functionality

You must use advanced DRM policies if you want to make sure your work is completely secured. Select options that always give you full control over your material and are compatible with your demands for distribution.

Look into dynamic watermarks

Never ignore the need for watermarking while securing digital assets. One of the most crucial DRM settings in your DRM software is this one. Users are discouraged from sharing and reproducing material, and watermarks may be vital in the fight against screenshotting.

Don’t overlook user experience

Although protecting material is important, you don’t want to sacrifice the user experience for security. Finding DRM software that enables you to apply rules to keep your material unique while still delivering a positive user experience is crucial.

Purchase high-quality DRM software

Organizations may fail to understand the necessity of digital rights management software, despite the fact that it can seem clear. You need to appreciate the worth of your work and spend money on the top DRM programs available. Many different policies and permissions will be present in a comprehensive content protection solution.


The term digital rights management tools refer to a program that forbids material from being shared, disseminated, or duplicated without the content provider’s express consent. The DRM software industry is expected to reach a value of $6+ billion by 2025 as a result. To make information access as simple and convenient as feasible without compromising ethics or security, the software solutions we explored cover both corporate and consumer use cases across many platforms.