Training Program: Sale Planning And Key Account Management For Thu Do Multimedia Corporation took place on the 7th and 8th of December in a solemn, vibrant, and serious atmosphere. This series of activities is part of the Private Sector Competitiveness Enhancement Project (IPSC) initiated by the Enterprise Development Agency, Ministry of Planning and Investment, with sponsorship from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project involves the selection and implementation of technical support activities for pioneering businesses.

Training Program: Sale Planning And Key Account Management

Training Program: Sale planning and Key account management

Building business management capabilities

The project will support growing businesses in enhancing their competitive capabilities through training in innovation skills, providing assistance in relevant professional expertise, and connecting them with a network of experts and advisors. As a result, growing enterprises will improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and achieve sustainable development, thereby boosting the overall economy and creating employment opportunities

Promoting the adoption of new technologies and business models

The project promotes the adoption of innovative technologies and business models to enhance competitive capabilities, drive the implementation of new solutions, strengthen the innovation network, and improve access to financial resources for growing businesses. These supports aim to enhance efficiency and increase the operational productivity of growing enterprises.

Improving the business environment

The project collaborates with relevant stakeholders from both the government and private sectors to promote the improvement of the business environment for growing enterprises. This is achieved by supporting the government in applying reform methods and tools to enhance the efficiency and practicality of regulations, facilitate public-private dialogue channels, and reduce compliance burdens for businesses. FOSTERING LINKAGES AMONG BUSINESSES The project assists organizations that support business development in enhancing their service delivery capabilities. It helps growing enterprises strengthen policy advocacy skills, foster business linkages, and improve market access capabilities, thereby creating a more cohesive and efficient ecosystem for supporting the development of businesses.

Thu Do Multimedia Communications Joint Stock Company takes pride in being one of the first 25 companies honored to be selected and receive a technical assistance package from the USAID IPSC Project, amounting to $150,000. The activities aim to support Capital Multimedia in enhancing key customer management capabilities, providing leadership transformation training, offering in-depth training on security certification for digital content protection (Google Widevine), and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Mr. Mark Birnbaum - Project Director

Mr. Mark Birnbaum – Project Director spoke

The USAID IPSC project has launched a series of technical support activities for Thu Do Multimedia through the training program ” Sale Planning And Key Account Management” with the participation of more than 30 staff members of Thu Do Multimedia. Company

The USAID IPSC project helps support businesses in building business strategies over a period of 3 – 5 years. Besides promoting internal resources, enhancing and maximizing external resources to develop the business is very important and necessary. Because of market fluctuations and increasing business risks.

With the development goal of Thu Do Multimedia, this support package promises to be one of the strategic resources and help improve the core operating process and management capacity of the business. At the same time, helping Thu Do Multimedia research and build business strategies for markets around the world such as Europe, North America… In addition, bringing high-quality human resources to businesses through international partners such as Amazon, Google… Support consulting on certification and international standard certificates: FDA, ISO BSI…

Nearly 14 years of construction and development

Thu Do Multimedia is a pioneer in products and a leader in the field of consulting, providing and implementing technology solutions – OTT television. With experience in implementing Interactive TV services. Inserting ads into Live content (DAI/SSAI), specialized fields in Anti-piracy Multi DRM, Multi CDN, interactive TV, Livestream latency low… Leading in the region.

To implement and provide the best service, it is indispensable for a team of experienced and highly qualified experts. Always ready to support and update information quickly and enthusiastically.

Solutions provided by Thu Do Multimedia to businesses

With comprehensive solution Sigma OTT. Thu Do has products such as: Sigma Multi DRM (This is one of Thu Do’s strong and key products). Sigma DAI/SSAI, Sigma Mutli CDN, Sigma Interactive, Sigma Audio Watermark (SAO)….

Sigma Multi DRM solution

Faced with the current situation of stolen television streams and illegal transmission lines being widespread on pirated websites and applications. Or high-value content is copied, filmed and used for free. Causes damage and affects the business and image of the enterprise.

Understanding those things, Thu Do’s team of experts launched the product Sigma Multi DRM to help partners use the leading comprehensive security solution, deployed on all terminal devices. Along with that, Multi DRM also provides the highest quality content to users and especially reduces the loss rate of optimal CDN costs.

What are the strengths of Sigma DRM solution?

  • Multi-platform, multi-browser support: Android/IOS, WebOS/ Tizen Chrom/Firefox/Edge/ androidTV STB…
  • Optimize response speed from DRM system to Client
  • Meet millions of concurrent users
  • Fast and flexible shipping support in Vietnam and internationally.
  • The difference of Sigma DRM solution
  • SDK supports Web and App
  • Manage by device instead of model
  • Protection from APK modifications
  • Prevent device tampering
  • Tracking and monitoring from the Backend
  • Simple integration, transparent for users…
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han - General Director of Thu Do Multimedia Communications Joint Stock Company spoke

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han – General Director of Thu Do Multimedia Communications Joint Stock Company spoke

With Sigma Multi DRM, we are proud to be certified by Cartesian organization to meet international standards. And Thu Do Multimedia is the only Southeast Asian enterprise that is also among the 6 Asian enterprises to achieve this certification.

Sigma DAI/SSAI solution

  • It is a solution that brings many values as follows:
  • Insert ads directly and instantly into OTT TV channels
  • Suitable for both live and VOD content
  • Easily bypass ad blockers
  • Supports mid-roll ads with linear streams without affecting users
  • No code integration with end users required
  • The ad is transcoded immediately and aligned with the original stream
  • The completion rate for active SSAI ads is 98%.
  • Extended Sigma DAI/SSAI solution
  • Filter/Delete unwanted SCTE35 indexes
  • Verify the information on the marker
  • Add or edit SCTE35 markers based on the program schedule
  • Adjust parameters of SCTE35 Market.
  • Instructions for manipulating Manifest files
  • Replace unwanted content

In addition, Sigma DAI/SSAI also has the ability to track advertising performance in detail. Helping advertisers and suppliers clearly understand how viewers interact with ads.

Hopefully the above article provides readers with a lot of useful information. To learn in detail about Thu Do Multimedia’sTraining Program: Sale Planning And Key Account Management. Or for information related to our products and services, please refer to the website address: