The issue of content copyright protection, especially in the current context of digital transformation, is facing many challenges. Meanwhile, the handling of violations has some shortcomings, and preventive measures are not consistent.

Faced with the painful problems of digital copyright infringement, on September 26, 2023, in Hanoi, Vietnam Digital Content Creation Alliance (DCCA) coordinated with Thu Do Multimedia to organize the seminar “Solving the problem of copyright protection for the music–film industry – digital television”.

Immediately attracting the attention of the public as well as reputable media agencies, after the discussion, the electronic newspaper published an article:

The Digital Content Creation Alliance Vietnam collaborated with Thu Do Multimedia to organize a seminar to discuss digital content protection solutions for music, films, and TV on September 26.

The event focused on discussions on the reality of digital content piracy in Vietnam and proposed solutions to prevent copyright infringement.

Vietnam seeks to prevent copyright infringement of digital music, films, and TV

In the dynamic landscape of digital content delivery, the rapid growth of over-the-top (OTT) platforms and online film operators has ushered in a new era of entertainment consumption. The convenience of accessing movies, TV shows, and live events across devices has transformed the way audiences engage with content.

However, this digital revolution has also given rise to unprecedented challenges in terms of content security and protection, necessitating innovative solutions to safeguard against an array of threats.

OTT broadcasters like VTVCab ON and FPT Play, and online film operators such as Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar have emerged as key players in this digital ecosystem. As they cater to the insatiable demand for content, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of their offerings has become a paramount concern.

While digital rights management (DRM) solutions like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady have been deployed to mitigate unauthorized access and distribution, a multidimensional approach is required to tackle the diverse threats that have emerged.

The challenges faced by content providers are not confined solely to DRM vulnerabilities. Beyond these, OTT broadcasters and online film and music operators encounter a spectrum of risks that demand holistic solutions.

One pressing issue is the exploitation of virtual private networks to sidestep geographic restrictions, enabling the unauthorized access and distribution of content. Additionally, adversaries resort to packet forgery to deceive authorization servers, undermining the very essence of secure content delivery.

Vietnam seeks to prevent copyright infringement of digital music, films, and TV

According to Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, deputy head of the Cinema Department, the main issue the department must resolve is drawing the line between violating the law and not.

“Films that violate the rules are not allowed to be distributed, or they need to have infringing content removed, affecting the artists’ image and the producers’ investment,” she added.

Le Quang Vinh, an intellectual property (IP) lawyer, said that IP is not just a problem in Vietnam, the whole world is grappling with it.

“When we look at the issue of copyright infringement broadly, it is related to criminal, civil, administrative, and even international law. Vietnam has made progress in its efforts, and I believe it will change the situation,” he stated.

He elaborated that the Prime Minister issued a national strategy on IP in 2019. Moreover, Decree No.17/2023/ND-CP has been signed, implementing the IP Law that was then legislated through Article 198b to assign responsibility to intermediary service providers. This is an effective mechanism with very new rules that solve the problem for K+ and others.

Vietnam seeks to prevent copyright infringement of digital music, films, and TV

In response to these multifaceted threats, Thu Do Multimedia shared its insights on the power of Sigma Multi-DRM with AI technology, which aids media providers in protecting their content on the Internet.

Sigma Multi-DRM introduces a revolutionary safeguard – the Sigma Active Observer (SAO). This innovative solution transcends the limitations of traditional DRM, offering a proactive and adaptable defense mechanism.

Driven by the innovative SAO, Sigma Multi-DRM marks a paradigm shift in content security. By offering a multifaceted, AI-driven solution that comprehensively safeguards against a spectrum of threats, OTT broadcasters and online film operators can usher in a new era of secure content distribution.

SAO is not a mere security layer; it’s an active, intelligent guardian that enables content providers to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and offers audiences a seamless, secure, and immersive entertainment experience.