The video streaming content provider is losing 20% of potential revenue due to intellectual property theft. This figure was obtained from a survey conducted by Streaming Media.

Thudo Multimedia will present the key takeaways from this survey. The report highlights trends in Digital Rights Management (DRM) for protecting digital content and raises larger questions about the characteristics of content protection solutions in the future.

Over 200 people participated in the survey at the end of this summer. While many respondents were from North America, others came from the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South America. They worked in various industries, ranging from advertising and artists to OTT broadcasters and cable television. In addition, instructors and businesses represented various fields, from technical to operations and management.

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One aspect the report expands on is the difference between what businesses offer to customers (in terms of content access) and what customers desire (in terms of freedom to share and access content anywhere).

What’s even more interesting is that from an expert’s perspective, survey participants called for stricter DRM content protection solutions. Simultaneously, these experts responded to customer queries regarding less restrictive access.

“The gap between business models and customer expectations continues to exist. The research highlights this trend,” said Olga Kornienko, co-founder of EZDRM, a DRM-focused company.

The report also provides evidence that attack trends are increasing exponentially, along with the growing complexity of delivering video content to a wide range of devices.

Another part of the report delves into the increasing demand for livestream security in the context of the global pandemic, which has led to a significant increase in interactive livestreams from early 2022 to the summer of 2023. In fact, the survey indicates that the need to protect livestream content is just as crucial as providing on-demand content to viewers.

Finally, the report updates the latest global DRM standards and the rise of DRM+ as a new “blend” for security.

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